About Us

First and foremost we are problem solvers 

When you come to us with an electronics issue, we will do everything we can to find a way to fix it. We specialize in repairing smart/cell phones, Ipods, tablets, computers, laptops and gaming consoles. We strive to create smart solutions for all smart devices.

On a local level

It is our goal to be an asset to our local community within which we serve. Diep River is our first walk-in cell phone repair shop with views to expand in the near future. Our commitment to local service will not change with expansion and quality workmanship is our focus.

On a bigger scale

We take great interest in the preservation of our environment by keeping perfectly good electronic equipment out of landfills. We bring your gadgets back to life in an effort to extend life for all of us.

With our maiden store now open and fully operational we are moving into the online world of sales orders, quotes and bookings for repairs.  If what your looking for is a friendly, professional one stop shop for all electrical repairs, then look no further.  Repair King has the smart solutions for smart devices.

Our Store

RK Cellular Store

We offer unlocking services for most phones off most networks Inquire Now