'Computer Repairs Cape Town' and surrounding suburbs have many Repair centres available to assist your needs, its not about finding a repair centre with the highest rating but finding a company that can provide a service that will accommodate your needs. There are many competent professionals out there that are able to assist you in finding solutions for your computer troubles, Repair King Cellular doesn't base its business on putting other companies down... We are a group of individuals that have a general understanding on what is expected when it comes to finding solutions for all technical issues and problems. We base our service on reliability and trust by providing a service that is beneficial for both the public and ourselves, which leaves our customers knowing that Repair King Cellular will be there on-stop-shop for all there technical needs.

 We specialize in all brands Samsung, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba and the list goes on and on, we have cell phone technicians right through to IT's that are all excellent in their department.

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Basic Computer Knowledge

A computer is a machine which helps us to calculate, simulate and store different scenarios. For example, in order to write an e-mail, instead of paper and pen first we use a software (or program) called word processor which helps us enter sentences through keyboard (Input), computer's screen (output) to read, and modem (output/input) to send it to a distant relative, friend, etc.

The mechanism to simulate a regular mail into an e-mail, gave us a very fast and much cheaper medium to communicate (not a simulation anymore). Same way, using computers we can simulate other things over which we do not have any control, for example weather, behavior of atomic bomb, behavior of a deadly virus, Earthquake, a innovative design for a new auto, airplane, machine, etc.

Any computer has five parts Input, Output, CPU, Memory, disk (storage). Input is things like mouse, keyboard and modem. Output is computer screen, printer. CPU or central processing is brain of the computer which controls and executes all calculations, manipulations and output. Memory (RAM) is a temporary storage to be used by CPU when doing calculations, etc. Think of it as a scratch pad for CPU. Disk is permanent storage, on which all the software and data is stored.

When you turn on your computer, BIOS (or basic input output system) which resides on CMOS (complementary Metal Oxide semiconductor, a type of chip) has small coded software written on it which tells CPU to read the next instruction from sector n of disk x. This next instruction loads the operating system.






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