Blackberry would be our most common smartphone that comes in for repair with their scroll button and keyboard being the biggest problems.

Our turn over time for these phones are 1-3 days depending on type of repair and part availability.

Blackberry is a very fragile phone and you can almost guarantee that every time you drop it you will end up in a cell phone repair shop. Not what you want to hear right? But unfortunately it's a fact.

The best thing that you could do for any mobile device is get a good strong rubber case that will take impact, they are not just money makers they actually do protect your device and are well worth the money spent.

Did you know a Canada based company called “research in motion” hasa been developing and designing the blackberry since 1996.

The device got its fruity name after someone noted that the keys on the original blackberry resembled groups of seeds. After going after several seed based fruits, they settled on the blackberry name because most of the devices were black at the time.

If you are having any problems that our “use full tips” section of the website cannot help you with then don’t hesitate and bring your cellular phone to us and let our team handle it.

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