Nokia Lumia

Nokia is a great reliable phone and we hardly ever see these phones come in with serious problems, the manufacturers have made a decent strong long lasting smartphone that will leave buyers happy.

Nokia has proven themselves over and over again and if you want a phone that can take the knocks then this make of phone is for you.

Did you know Nokia originally started off as a paper production company in 1865 in Finland. The company was established by mining engineer Fredrik Idestam on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids in the town of Tampere. In 1868, Idestam built a second mill near the town of Nokia. This mill was then transformed into a share company, in 1871 by Idestam, with the help of his close friend Leo Mechelin. They renamed it the Nokia Company.

Nokia is a simple designed smartphone and has proven itself, the only thing that lets it down is the reaction speed of the touch and it seems to freeze a bit more than the average cell phone.

Turn over times for repairs to this phone type are between 1-5 days depending on repair type, parts for this cellular phone are very high quality and long lasting.

We only use original parts unless the original parts are not available, in this case we will give the customer the option of a generic replacement, obviously generics are cheaper and the generics we do get are of the highest quality.

We are a one stop shop that will find a smart solution for your device so if what you are looking for is a great and reliable service come down and see our professionals.  

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