Parts and accessories for Smartphones, iPads and Computers

Smartphone parts and accessories

We offer a wide range of products for all types of smart phones ipads, tablets and computers, our quality control system currently in place makes sure you the customer gets the best product for the best price, all the time.

We have a warranty policy in place so that you can return any product that doesn’t suit your needs or becomes faulty,  as long as it falls under the warranty period we will exchange it for a new one no questions asked.

By any chance we don’t have the product you are looking for, our suppliers and carrier’s will have it at our store ready for pick the following day.

Sick of cracking your screen or water damaging your phone?

We offer a case for your mobile that makes it crack proof, snow proof and most of all water proof, yes that’s right water proof if this sounds like a product you will be interested in come down to RK Cellular and check it out.

Products we offer

  • Cell/Smartphones
  • Keyboards
  • Chargers
  • Mouse             
  • Covers and cases
  • Ear phones        
  • Usb cables  
  • Data Cables
  • Memory cards
  • Head phones                 
  • Sim adaptors
  • Screen protectors


Looking for an affordable smartphone?

At RK we offer a small range of smartphones that have all the features of your latest model cell phones for less than half the price.

All our cell phones have the Android operating system and are of the highest quality, if you’re a Whatsapp and Facebook user then these phones are for you.

Why pay through the roof when you can have the same phone as a Samsung Galaxy S5 for less than half the price. All our cell phones come with a 6 months manufactures warranty you won’t be disappointed with these products.

Buying phones for your young ones can get expensive and let’s face it, young people today all want a smart phone that can receive emails and have the latest social media apps. Even the banks and other businesses have turned to these phones as they are so much value for such little money.

We don’t just offer solutions we offer smart ones.



We offer unlocking services for most phones off most networks Inquire Now