Smartphone Repair Troubleshooting

Smartphone Repair Troubleshooting

Technical Difficulties

If the phone doesn't turn on

Make sure battery is charged and fully plugged into phone. Remove battery from phone and use rag to brush away dirt that may interfere with connection. Reconnect and try again. If using cigarette-lighter adapter, make sure it's properly plugged in. Make sure charger is properly plugged into outlet and into battery.

When the battery doesn't charge

Plug lamp or other electrical device into outlet to verify that outlet works. Borrow friend's charger to see if charger or battery is problem. Replace charger or battery if necessary.

In case the phone gets wet

Remove the battery from the phone and allow both to dry thoroughly. If rust or corrosion develops, wipe it off with a stiff brush. If phone still does not work, replace it. Otherwise just bring your device straight to us, the sooner the better!!!

Should the display not be working

Try getting it to room temperature, extremely cold or warm conditions may affect display functions.

If the keys don't work

Look for a display of a symbol that looks like a lock. The keypad may be locked. The display often tells you how to unlock it. If not, check owner's manual.

Problems While Talking On Phone

During times of bad reception

Make sure antenna is up, check to see if the battery is low. If you're indoors, move toward window or go outside to get better reception. Remember that tunnels, basements and elevators interfere with cellphone reception. In case of storm, wait for it to subside. Contact your service provider if you have chronic static; phone may be defective.

If you can't hear the other person

Make sure the volume is not turned down entirely. Check that antenna is up if you get interference from another call. Change locations for better reception or switch to a digital phone.

If you experience many dropped calls

Check the battery, it may be low. If you constantly lose calls, consider switching to provider with better coverage and/or to digital phone. Providers that offer digital service combined with analog tend to have better coverage.

Dialing Issues

If you can't dial out

Keep trying as the network may be full. Change locations to get a better signal. If the display says "No SVC" or "No Service," you are in area with no service. Wait until you enter area with service. Check to see if battery is low. If you are outside the service area, contact customer service. Some service areas require PIN numbers to protect against fraud.

If you can't receive calls

Confirm that neither call forwarding nor automatic voice-mail pickup is activated. Make sure ringer volume is turned up. Confirm that ringer is on (not in silent mode). Change locations for better reception. If display says "No SVC" or "No Service," you are in area with no service. Wait until you enter area with service. Call customer service. You may have restrictions on incoming calls.

Software / Hardware Issues On Phones & Smartphones

Done a hard reset and the issue has failed to resolve itself?

Have you tried our Interactive Device Guides? They're great for any software or settings issues - anything except physical damage basically!

We recommend keeping your phone software up to date so that you have the best software in use on your mobile.

Many phones come with a PC phone manager application that you install onto your computer to manage contacts and content, they also usually have a software update function on them. This connects to their website and checks if there is a new version of software available - they may have discovered others with the same issue as you and have released an update! Smartphones like the iPhone automatically do this for you when you plug your phone into the computer so you may just get a pop up one day advising you there is an update available.

Dropped, drowned and damaged phones

Like probably every other electronic device you own, manufacturers set a limit to what they consider to be fair wear and tear on their product. If your phone comes in with a smashed screen and seaweed stuck to it, its highly unlikely they will accept that the phone was supposed to work in such conditions!

There is consumer protection legislation (Consumer Guarantees Act) that outlines your rights in such cases, but the best course of action is to look after your valuable goods so that you never need to have that conversation. The phone repair agents may still be able to repair your phone, there is an assessment fee payable but they will assess the damage and give you an idea of what it would cost to fix. The cost of the initial assessment is then deducted from the repair bill if you go ahead.

There are always the stories of phones that refuse to die, while there may be no warranty cover for a phone that went through the washing machine (even if it was on the delicate cycle!) it's worth seeing if it will live.

Try removing any covers that will come off as well as the battery and SIM. Place the phone somewhere warm with air flow like a sunny window sill next to an open window, or put it in a bag of rice (the rice will absorb moisture).

There are no guarantees but it's worth a shot.

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