Unlocking your Smartphone from South African Networks

Our unlocking service

We offer the simplest solution to unlock your handheld device so you no longer have to feel captive to any network provider, all you need to do is call us or bring your phone in for us to check if your model can be unlocked which most makes can be.

RK Cellular has been in business for 3 years providing the highest quality mobile unlocking services. We have unlocked hundreds of phones for the public and other cell phone businesses.

Part of the mobile industry? Have a small business? Would like to earn some extra income? We can help your business grow by providing special rates and prices so that you can also offer unlocking  services.

Are there risks to my smartphone?

Unlocking your mobile phone is a completely legal process, and there are no risks whatsoever. You no longer need to buy a new phone just to get on a new network.

Our quick service will have your phone back in your hands ready to be used on any network worldwide. Unlocking a phone is simply a process that frees your phone from carrier restraints placed on it by your provider.

Is my Samsung and Apple warranty effected?

No cell/smartphone warranty is not effected by unlocking a device from a network as we do not open your phone for this procedure, it’s all done through our unlocking box’s which is run through our PC to your device. iPhones are unlocked by code so opening any of these devices is unnecessary.

Save money by unlocking your cell phone

Unlocking your mobile phone may allow you to use dual, tri or even quad band capabilities, allowing you to use your mobile phone in more places around the globe at greater financial savings.

An unlocked mobile phone allows you to use any SIM card on any network. By opening up your handset to other networks, you can take advantage of cheaper tariffs from locally competing networks while abroad, drastically cutting down on the cost of calls and text messages.

Increased resale value on your mobile phone

If you decide to sell your mobile phone, you will find that an unlocked handset is up to 300% more valuable than a locked one. Offering a handset that is unlocked and completely free of restrictions will be far more appealing to potential buyers as they will instantly be able to use their existing SIM card or one from their chosen carrier.

Be assured the unlocking process is a simple and safe one.

We Unlock Blackberry, Htc, IPhone, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sanyo, Softbank, Sony

There's no reason to have a locked mobile phone for a day longer. There are simply too many financial benefits and too much a sense of freedom not to spend a small amount of money to unlock your mobile phone today. Contact us today to unlock your phone.



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